I would like to welcome you to S@ifurs Private Limited!

Let me take a moment to give you some insight into how S@ifurs Private Limited can help you become a successful English language learner. Todays path to global success very often depends on ones ability to express clearly and confidently in English. S@ifurs Private Limited is undoubtely one of the prominent leading institutions in Bangladesh as we have around 100 branches throughout the country and we have been providing different sorts of English language courses such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and many more since the inception of it. We have also made us unparallel not only in English teaching quality but also in comprehensive in peccable service on English language Coruses. Since the very beginning. S@ifurs Private Limited has been providing unique service to the international students, diplomats, business executives, journalists and other professionals with our dynamic and goal-oriented courses helping them to enrich their career immaaculately. Apart from this, standing on the robust confidence, we have done a large number of sessions very successfully with very renowned public and private institutions and organizations including Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of planning & Ministry of Defense. 

S@ifurs Private Limited is one of the best places to learn the English language throughout the country. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and dedicated enough who want to provide you with the best quality teaching experience available. Our courses and teaching method are specially designed for you and your learning styles and needs. The tests you take are carefully produced accurate and fair and show you how you are progressing. Our tuition support services and extra activities are offered to allow you even more ways to practice and develop your English language skills outside the classroom. If you need any help as a student here at S@ifurs Private Limited, your teacher is in place for you and it is a great place to start. As well, any time, please feel free to provide the administration with your ideas, suggestions, and comments. We always welcome insights from you on how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Again, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our institute and we look forward to your continuous success in everything you do at S@ifurs Private Limited.